The Swedish armed forces announced the growing threat from Russia

Stockholm, 25 August 2020, 15:09 – REGNUM In their assessments, the Swedish armed forces observe a deterioration in the level of national security in the region. The Swedish command believes that the reason for this is an increase in the number of military exercises conducted both by Russia and the West. This was reported by the Sveriges Radio news service on August 25, citing statements by the head of the General Operations Directorate of the Swedish Armed Forces, Jan Tornqvist.
“It is felt from both the Russian and the western sides, which we have not seen since the Cold War,” Tornquist said.
Tornqvist believes that recent developments have been negative, and therefore the Swedish Armed Forces have increased the level of readiness in order to reflect threats to national security in the region: “In the Baltic Sea area and over its waters, on the west coast and in the north of Sweden. This was done in order to be able to act quickly in the event of incidents, when necessary, but also to be able to track events and defend our sovereignty and our interests. ”
The head of the department said that the overall situation is now more volatile, complicated by conflict and more difficult to predict than before.
“If you look at the situation and the development of events in other parts of our immediate environment, for example, in the same Belarus, then all this also matters. Belarus is also in close proximity to us. The coronavirus epidemic has led to increased global concern and uncertainty. And if you look at this in aggregate, the Swedish Armed Forces assess the situation as uncertain and unpredictable, ”Tornquist stressed.