Russian ship named the most powerful in the world

MOSCOW, August 21 – RIA Novosti. Modernization and rearmament will make the Admiral Nakhimov heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser even more powerful, says Forbes magazine expert GI Sutton.
The ship is comparable in size to the American battleships of the Iowa class, but significantly surpasses them “in concept and armament,” the article notes.
“With new weapons and sensors, it will probably become the most powerful surface warship in the world,” the author writes.
The giant Project 1144.2 Orlan cruisers built at the end of the Cold War overshadow any surface combat ship, the expert noted. He called Admiral Nakhimov’s arsenal incredible. Sutton pointed out that the ship is armed with P-700 “Granit” supersonic missiles – “aircraft carrier killers.” In addition, the vessel’s arsenal includes S-300 air defense systems and 9K33 Osa missiles.
Earlier it became known that the cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” will be equipped with hypersonic cruise missiles “Zircon”. Its protection will be provided by the Fort-M and Pantsir-M air defense systems, as well as the Paket-NK and Answer anti-submarine weapons. The ship will be transferred to the Navy in 2022.