Kremlin hopes waves of violence in Belarus can be avoided

MOSCOW, August 24. / TASS /. Moscow states that the actions of the protesters in Belarus do not lead to clashes with law enforcement officers, the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said on Monday, expressing the hope that clashes will be avoided in the future.
“For now, we state that there were no provocations from the protesters. We state that the law enforcement agencies are performing their duties quite correctly. We hope that in the future it will be possible to avoid and prevent any provocations in this regard, if necessary,” said Peskov to journalists.
A Kremlin spokesman noted that various rallies do not lead to riots. “Accordingly, this does not force the law enforcement officers to take any tough measures,” he said.
According to Peskov, Moscow is more impressed by politicians who advocate an alliance between Russia and Belarus, but the Kremlin is not going to intervene in the situation in the neighboring country. “Of course, we are more impressed by those politicians in Belarus who advocate the consistent continuation of the line on allied relations, on mutually beneficial partnership between our two brotherly countries,” he said.
At the same time, the Kremlin spokesman stressed that any establishment of contacts between Moscow and the opposition would in any case proceed in the mainstream of interference in the internal affairs of Belarus. “We criticize those who do this, we think it is wrong, and we are not going to do it ourselves. At least now and in the so-called hot stage,” he said.
Peskov urged not to oversimplify or equate Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko with all pro-Russian forces. “Why is it simpler?” At the same time, Peskov refrained from naming the specific names of people in favor of allied relations between the two countries.
The press secretary of the head of state also added that the Kremlin is concerned about some indirect and direct manifestations of external interference in Belarusian affairs. “We ourselves consider this unacceptable and call on everyone to give the Belarusians the opportunity to regulate their problems themselves,” he said.
Commenting on the words of the Belarusian leader that “Belarus is now being hounded in order to attack the Russian Federation later,” Peskov refrained from elaborating on who exactly is behind these forces. “These are the forces that are now trying to exert direct and indirect influence on events in Belarus. There is such an element and, unfortunately, one cannot abstract from it,” he said. The Kremlin spokesman also urged journalists not to distort and not talk about the enemies attacking Russia. “We are not talking about the attack. It seems to me that you are cringing a little. Nobody talks about the attack directly. Intervention has been repeated [was]. This is a story that can be traced back over the past decade very, very eloquently. The facts speak for themselves. “, – he added.
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Peskov also said that Russia is not negotiating with the coordination council of the Belarusian opposition. “No, we do not have communication channels and no negotiations are underway,” said a Kremlin spokesman, answering a question from journalists about whether Moscow is trying to establish contact with opposition forces in Belarus.
Peskov specified that in Moscow “they do not yet know exactly the platform and the demands of the opposition.” “We are not talking about any theses that they are voicing in connection with the internal political situation in Belarus. We are not going to interfere in this,” he said. “We saw some documents that were typeset by these people, where the emphasis was more confused aside from interaction with Russia. Of course, we are less impressed by such forces. But I repeat once again: we are not interfering in any way,” Peskov stressed.
The presidential press secretary urged to take into account all the nuances and not distort his words about the program of the Belarusian opposition in relation to Russia. “We cannot influence the political outlook of opposition-minded people in any way,” he noted, stressing that, as far as the Kremlin knows, the overwhelming majority of Belarusians are convinced supporters of the continuation of the alliance between the two countries. “We highly appreciate this and these feelings are absolutely shared in our country,” he said.
At the same time, according to Peskov, “those who, on the contrary, are more inclined to withdraw from the alliance,” the Kremlin likes less. “It’s not a secret, but this is a common reaction of any state,” he said.
The press secretary announced “minimal intentions” for the continuation of allied relations with the Russian Federation from the opposition representatives in Belarus. “We saw some texts, draft texts that were available in the media, they are still available, in which intentions to continue allied relations were declared to a minimum,” said Peskov, answering a question from journalists whether there are those , who expresses serious anti-Russian positions.
The Kremlin spokesman noted that the coordination council of the opposition of Belarus is a kind of informal structure, and its “position on certain issues is mobile, it is changing.” “There is no clear position, so it is difficult for us to make any kind of judgment in this case,” he added.
Peskov declined to comment on the actions of power structures at rallies in Belarus. “This is an internal matter of Belarus, we will not interfere in this,” he said.
The press secretary of the head of the Russian state also did not comment on the footage of the arrival of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at his residence with a gun and in a bulletproof vest. “I will not answer this question,” a Kremlin spokesman said.