In the United States, the former military was accused of spying for Russia

In the United States, a retired US ground forces special unit was arrested after being accused of spying for Russia, the country’s justice ministry website said on Friday, Aug.21.
It is reported that 45-year-old Peter Debbins from December 1996 to January 2011 periodically visited Russia and allegedly met with agents of the Russian special services. In the course of the “conspiracy”, the former special forces soldier provided them with “information about the chemical and special forces” of the United States.
In addition, Debbins was accused of disclosing the names and details of former colleagues to Russian intelligence.
“In 2008, after leaving military service, Debbins disclosed secret information to Russian intelligence agents about his previous activities while serving in the special forces,” it was reported.
Debbins faces a life sentence.
On August 18, it was reported that former CIA officers were arrested on charges of spying for China.
According to the US Justice Department, 67-year-old former Central Intelligence Agency officer Yuk Chin Ma was arrested on August 14. The man is accused of conspiring with a relative, also a former CIA officer, to transfer classified data to China.