Gunners fired from “Grad” in the mountains of Abkhazia

The gunners carried out the first live fires from the Grad MLRS after their modernization. The training took place in the mountains of Abkhazia.
Improved guidance systems were installed on the MLRS, which made it possible to reduce the targeting time by one and a half times.
Reconnaissance of targets was carried out in mountainous and wooded areas using standard drones.
The calculations completed the tasks of defeating armored vehicles and places of mass concentration of enemy infantry in the mountains.
It is noteworthy that the shooting was carried out with direct fire at single and group targets.
Earlier it was reported that specialists from the state corporation “Rostec” have created the latest guidance system for multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).
It is noted that the development, called the OU-122, increases the firing accuracy up to 10 meters.