Borrell is ready to visit Belarus to find a way out of the crisis

BRUSSELS, 25 Aug – RIA Novosti. EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell is ready to travel to Belarus to find ways out of the political crisis in this country, Secretary General of the EU Foreign Service Helga Schmid said at an extraordinary meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.
‚ÄúThis week, an OSCE meeting is to be held to discuss support for Belarus, it was proposed to hold a meeting in Minsk. The High Representative (Josep Borrell – ed.) Is ready to participate in these visits, efforts to democratize, find a peaceful solution. The High Representative confirmed his readiness to visit place, even if now we expect proposals from the OSCE, which we are ready to support, “she said.
Earlier, Schmid confirmed that work on individual sanctions on Belarus continues, the EU Foreign Ministers will discuss them at a meeting in Berlin on August 27-28.
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