Zara jeans with holes between the legs made buyers laugh

The jeans of the large Spanish mass-market clothing manufacturer Zara, which are full of holes between the legs, made the buyers laugh. The corresponding video appeared on TikTok.

In the footage posted on the web, blogger Tamara Miljanovic showed the new design of the trousers of the aforementioned brand in light blue denim. Their cost was 60 pounds sterling (six thousand rubles). In the video, the girl demonstrated that the pants have many holes and scuffs, some of which are in the groin area. The heroine took off several pairs of jeans, drawing attention to the fact that this is not a marriage, but a product design.

The users were amused by the appearance of the trousers, and they expressed their bewilderment in the comments. “Just for the summer season!”, “This is to keep fresh during the day”, “good ventilation”, “I shouldn’t have thrown out the same ones, I didn’t know what was in trend!”, “Excellent cooling system,” they wrote …

In February, the Russian woman chose the most ridiculous items from the Zara store and caused controversy on the network. For example, she criticized faux wool cardigans because of the threads sticking out of them. “If you don’t look closely, it seems that someone has already worn a jacket,” wrote a columnist for the assortment of retailers with the nickname O-milla.

Valentina Atlas