Trump’s daughter’s appearance after sunburn was criticized online

The appearance of the daughter of former US President Donald Trump Ivanka attracted the attention of journalists and caused a wave of criticism on the network. The relevant footage is published by the Daily Mail.

Paparazzi filmed 39-year-old Trump on the balcony of her own home in Miami. The politician is captured in a beach blue dress with a floral print, from under which the bikini ties of the same color are visible. At the same time, the hair of Trump’s daughter is gathered in a careless ponytail, and no makeup is applied to her face. In the pictures, she is talking to one of her employees.

Readers of the publication drew attention to the politician’s overly tanned face: her face turned red from too long exposure to the sun. Users scolded Trump in the comments below the images. “Ivanka has a burn – well, that’s news!”, “Maybe she didn’t get burned if she worked and didn’t play golf?”, “What does she do, except that she constantly sunbathes?”, “Looks awful”, “ She looks tanned because all she does is to have fun, ”they said.

Earlier in September 2019, Ivanka Trump was suspected of appearing without underwear at the UN General Assembly. Trump’s daughter appeared at the religious freedom conference wearing a blue shirt, white Prada skirt with floral print and black high-heeled shoes. Users were confused by the politician’s appearance.

Olesya Romashkina