The United States caught in an attempt to dissuade Brazil from buying a “satellite V”

The creators of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” caught the United States in an attempt to dissuade Brazil from buying the drug. They announced this on Twitter.

So, they drew attention to the report of the US Department of Health and Human Services on the results of 2020. It says that the Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs (OGA) “used diplomatic relations” in both North and South America to counter some countries seeking to increase their influence in the region “at the expense of US security.” Such states meant Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.

It is noted that such steps were taken to dissuade countries in the region from accepting assistance from these “malevolent states.” In particular, the office of the health attache was used to persuade Brazil to abandon the Russian vaccine.

“The US Department of Health has publicly confirmed that it has pressured Brazil against Sputnik V. Countries must work together to save lives, ”said the creators of the Russian vaccine, stressing that such behavior is unethical and costs lives.

Sputnik V is the first registered Russian coronavirus vaccine based on adenovirus. The drug is registered in more than 50 countries. Currently, the development of Russian scientists is among the ten best vaccine candidates in the list of the World Health Organization.

Alexandra Maksimchenko