The State Duma proposed to create a new code

Nikolai Kharitonov, head of the Duma committee on regional policy and problems of the North and the Far East, proposed creating a new Peasant Code. He told RIA Novosti about this.

According to him, in the new document it is possible to reduce all the legislative possibilities of the state to the workers of the village, which would enable a person to “live normally, work normally, produce their products normally.”

The representative of the State Duma said that the code could indicate all the opportunities, costs, so that “living and working on the earth could feel calm.” Kharitonov clarified that such a code could include a part of the Land Code, issues of loans and preferential lending, prices and quality of products.

The politician also noted that “endless” amendments to various laws, government decrees that “can be canceled” sometimes mislead a person to such an extent that “just give up and spit on all this.”

Kharitonov also recalled that the current convocation of the State Duma has about four months left to work, and it will take a long time to prepare such a legislative act.

Leah Mikhailova