The star of the popular Russian show was detained with drugs

The star of the Russian reality show “Boys” Diana Subbotina was detained with drugs. Reported by the agency “Moscow”.

The 26-year-old heroine of the program was stopped by Moscow police. During the search, they found a package with an unknown powder, which Subbotina was holding under her hat. Police officers took another bag of powder from the girl’s bra.

As established by the investigators, the bags contained the narcotic substance mephedrone. Subbotina had 0.9 grams of powder with her. The popular reality star is under recognizance not to leave, a criminal case was opened against her for illegal possession of drugs.

Previously, the presenter of “Boys” Maria Tretyakova revealed the most difficult situation on the project in five years. She remembered the “drunken tantrum” of the participant Kostya Cooper, who confused the toilet with the nearby bushes.

“Boys” is a reality show on Friday! since 2016. In 2020, the fifth season of the program was broadcast. The heroines of the project are girls who lead an asocial lifestyle, but want to change. Similar shows were aired on British (From Ladette to Lady) and Ukrainian (From Ladette to Lady) television.

Ignat Bondarenko