The punishment for drunk drivers decided to toughen

The government commission on legislative activity has approved amendments to the Criminal Code, toughening liability for drunk driving. Writes about this “Kommersant”.

The current maximum prison sentence for systematic drunk driving is two years. The initiative will increase this period to three years; it is also proposed to establish a fine of 500 thousand rubles. In addition, the court will be able to order correctional labor for up to two years or forced labor for up to three years,

The authors of the amendments argue that the current sanctions do not give the desired effect: there are frequent cases when drivers who have already served their sentences again sit behind the wheel of a drunk. Moreover, in some regions, of all persons sentenced in 2020, the proportion of re-convictions is from a quarter to half of cases.

In June 2019, a new version of the Criminal Code entered into force, which increased the maximum term of imprisonment for those responsible for road accidents with the dead to 15 years.

Semen Goldstein