The presenter criticized the coronavirus experts and urged to recognize errors

The American presenter of the Fox News television channel Tucker Carlson, on the air of the author’s program Tucker Carlson Tonight, criticized coronavirus experts and urged them to admit the mistakes made during the pandemic. The transcript is published on the channel’s website.

According to the journalist, initially, health experts urged people to maintain social distance and not leave the house, and also almost always wear a protective mask. Carlson noted that self-isolation can be compared to torture and cited the example of how prisoners chose lethal injection instead of solitary confinement.

The presenter is confident that experts who regularly appear on television and at public events mistakenly chose the six feet (or 1.8 meters) distance required in all public places. Carlson cited the example of studies that showed that if people wear masks anyway, then the shorter distance does not matter for the increase in the incidence.

“It becomes clear how little these experts really know about the topics in which they call themselves experts, even if we leave aside their obvious political preferences,” added the presenter. He noted that experts should apologize for their erroneous statements, which have changed the lives of tens of millions of people. However, they do not intend to do this, the journalist believes.

According to Carlson, in this regard, questions to experts about vaccination should not be ignored. He believes that after such mistakes in other rules, mistrust of vaccinations cannot be explained only by the fact that a person is an anti-vaccine. The journalist concluded that no amount of fines and blocking in social networks for publications will not help change attitudes unless you start directly responding to people, admitting that there are moments that are still unknown to science.

Oleg Davydov