The new revealing dress of the popular brand delighted the girls

The frank design of the new outfit of the popular Fashion Nova brand attracted buyers’ interest. The corresponding comments appeared in the brand’s Instagram account.

This is a light green Zariyah Backless Mini Dress with long sleeves, decorated with a deep slit that exposes the back. The cost of the item on the official website of the company is 25 pounds (2500 rubles).

Users loved the design of the outfit and expressed their admiration in the comments. “Very cute dress!”, “Great!”, “I adore you!”, “I just needed such a dress so that everyone could see the tattoo on my lower back!”, “Gorgeous dress and great color!”, They wrote …

Earlier in March, shoppers swore at the black Wrapped Around You Mesh mini dress, which is made of sheer fabric that exposes the underwear. Critics thought the outfit was too revealing. The fashion model advertised the described clothes, posing in underpants and a crop top. As a shoe, she chose heeled sandals. Clients of the Fashion Nova brand did not appreciate the design of the item and scolded it in the comments below the published footage.

Valentina Atlas