Russians warned about the danger of voice assistants

The head of the Gem4me messenger development team Vahe Zakaryan warned the Russians about the dangers of voice assistants and listed topics that should not be discussed with them. This was reported by the Prime agency.

The expert drew attention to the fact that the voice assistant listens to the owner of the gadget even in an inactive mode, so as not to miss the moment when he will be contacted. Therefore, you should not discuss with him personal life, financial issues and health problems. In addition, you should not discuss with the assistant issues where the cost of error may be too high. For example, asking to distinguish a poisonous mushroom from an edible one, or to diagnose by symptoms.

Zakaryan recalled that until recently Apple and Google recorded all conversations and sent them for decryption, claiming that conversations were safe and impersonal, but “how true is this – a question to which we will never know the answer.” To disable the voice assistant, you need to cancel the transmission of voice data in the gadget settings. However, the risk remains that the device could fall into the hands of intruders who use personal data.

Previously, scientists and experts conducted research on the privacy of smart home appliances. Thus, the list of potential “spies” includes Wi-Fi routers and access points, household kitchen appliances with Internet connectivity: refrigerators, coffee makers, multicooker, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, voice assistants or smart speakers and others.

Ilya Sobolev