Russian teacher quit after a striptease for a student

A teacher of English and German at one of the schools in the Tatar district of the Novosibirsk region danced a striptease for her student and quit. It is reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

32-year-old Daria Romanova (not her real name) came to work at the school two years ago. Colleagues said that the girl was very fond of children, but she had a special relationship with the ninth-grader Mikhail. According to Daria’s fellow villagers, the teacher shot a video with her striptease and sent it to the high school student.

The video instantly spread among the students. Presumably, Mikhail’s mother threw him into the network. There is also a version that the teacher’s page on social networks was hacked.

“The teacher says that this video was intended for another young man, and her page was simply hacked, the video was sent to itself, then it was distributed on messengers,” the school said. After the incident, Romanova had to quit school.

Earlier it became known that the Teacher from St. Petersburg Darina Sergeeva quit because of claims to her video on TikTok. In early 2021, she began to publish comic videos about her work on the social network. The authorities saw in them a “violation of the moral code” and “devaluation of the teacher’s status.”

Asya Brod