Russian mayor called his city uninhabitable

Kaluga Mayor Dmitry Denisov criticized the work of public utilities during the snow melting period. He stated this during a meeting at the city council, Kaluganews reports.

The mayor, in particular, drew attention to the fact that the sand-salt mixture was washed away by streams from the melting snow. “It is necessary to cover with such a layer of sand that it washes off for a long time. The courtyards are also slippery, just ugly. The city has practically become uninhabitable these days, ”he said.

Denisov gave an example of how he went for a walk with the dog, and she was able to drag the owner across the bare ice. At the same time, “a person with a fairly dense physique could not move his legs.”

On March 9, it was reported that residents of Kaluga rescued a dog that was frozen in the ice on the side of the road. People dug up the animal and took it to the clinic with a spinal injury, due to which the hind legs do not move. In the near future, you will need the help of an experienced surgeon.

Semyon Goldstein