Russian doctors warn about the risks of vaccination in the post

Nutritional characteristics, including the amount of protein foods, affect the production of antibodies after vaccination. Experts warned about the risks of vaccination during Lent, they are quoted by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

So, the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Sechenov University of the Ministry of Health of Russia Elena Volchkova recalled that with a lack of proteins in the diet, there will be no adequate response of the immune system to vaccination. Highly digestible proteins are found in meat, fish and eggs.

In addition, the ability to digest and assimilate protein decreases with age, noted Natalya Pugacheva, a nutritionist at the Health Management Clinic of the Institute of Personalized Medicine at Sechenov University. The less animal protein there is in the body of an elderly person, the less the effect of the vaccine will be.

As the experts explained, there is no scientific evidence of incompatibility between vaccination and fasting. However, people of advanced age and those with gastrointestinal diseases are at risk, therefore, during fasting, they should limit themselves to the spiritual component and not exclude animal protein from their diet.

Earlier, nutritionist and cardiologist Yulia Panova said that during the fast, you need to review the entire diet, and not just remove animal products from it. So, the necessary proteins can be compensated with the help of legumes, and the fats with the help of nuts and seeds.

Vera Pavlova