Russian cosmonauts will try to find a leak on the ISS using pieces of paper

Astronauts will try to find the leak in the Russian Zvezda module of the International Space Station (ISS) using small strips of paper. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the negotiations of the station’s crew with the Earth.

At the mission control center near Moscow, they turned to cosmonaut Sergei Ryzhikov so that he would set up two cameras opposite each other in the compartment where the leak was found, and scattered about 40-50 pieces of paper there. As conceived by the authors, by where the shreds will fly, the size of which should not be more than a centimeter, it will be possible to determine the location of the leak.

Earlier in the Russian module “Zvezda” recorded the continuation of air leakage after sealing two cracks. In 11 and a half hours, the pressure in the chamber dropped by 52 millimeters.

On March 10, it was reported that a new crack was found on the ISS. Cosmonaut Ryzhikov applied a second coat of sealant to it. At the same time, it was located near the pipeline of the thermal regime.

A hole in the ISS hull was formed at the end of December 2020. An air leak in the Russian module at the station was discovered in September.

Vladimir Kuznetsov