Russia will receive “Klevok-D2”

The Russian ground forces will receive Klevok-D2 tactical hypersonic mini-missiles, Izvestia reports, citing sources in the country’s defense-industrial complex.

The newspaper writes that the ammunition assumes the use from ground and air platforms. The launch mass of the rocket will not exceed 150 kilograms, of which 57 kilograms are in the warhead.

“Klevok-D2” will receive wings that unfold after launch and a ramjet engine. “On it, it will accelerate to several thousand kilometers per hour in 40 seconds,” the newspaper writes.

Such a weapon, as the newspaper assures, will become practically invulnerable to modern air defense systems. It also notes that the development of the Klevok-D2 rocket is based on the Hermes complex.

In September, the author of several books on military hats, Peter Suciu, wrote in The National Interest that the Russian advanced Hermes complex, presented in August at the Army-2020 forum by the Shipunov Instrument Design Bureau, could become the new “killer” of Western tanks.