Russia called the blocking of the speech of the former head of the OPCW in the UN Security Council a shame

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council of Russia Vasily Nebenzya called it a shame and shame for a number of Western representatives to block the speech of the former head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Jose Bustani on the topic of Syrian chemical weapons. RIA Novosti reports.
Nebenzya called the incident yet another “sad evidence that Western delegations are afraid to hear the uncomfortable truth” and appear in an “unattractive light” in the eyes of the international community.
“You want to drown out objective facts that can destroy the picture you have drawn of the“ atrocities ”of the Syrian regime and the“ infallibility ”of the OPCW,” he said, addressing his Western colleagues.
On October 5, Great Britain, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany and the United States opposed Jose Bustani’s speech at the UN Security Council, citing the fact that he left the organization before she began to deal with the Syrian chemical dossier.
Earlier, Vasily Nebenzya talked about Russia’s plans to sign an agreement on security in space to prevent the United States and its allies from placing weapons there. He noted that the situation with the militarization of space has worsened due to the active actions of Washington.