Renata Litvinova confessed to being bisexual

Russian actress, screenwriter and director Renata Litvinova admitted to being bisexual. She spoke about this in the “Lie Detector” program on the Tatler Russia YouTube channel.

When asked if she likes men, the actress said yes. The polygraph showed that Litvinova was telling the truth. After that, she asked the host to ask if she liked women, and he voiced this question. “Yes,” said the director, and a lie detector confirmed that she hadn’t lied.

The actress also admitted that she has the love of her life, however, according to the polygraph, Litvinova was only 80 percent sincere. In addition, she shared that she is currently in love, but refused to talk about the object of sympathy. “Happiness loves silence, so there will be no phrases,” the filmmaker explained.

The presenter asked Litvinova a question about friendship with the singer Zemfira. Litvinova stressed that she considers her a genius person, and noted that they never quarrel. The veracity of her statements was confirmed by a polygraph.

In January, it became known that Litvinova had begun dating a French millionaire. The star became the heroine of the new issue of Tatler. An article about the artist claims that she has a new lover – “from the privileged caste of French millionaires, the owner of castles and hotels and, probably, newspapers and steamers.” The actress posted a photo with the cover of the magazine on Instagram and urged people to read material about her. She noted that the article tells “about the most secret and unexpected, sometimes even peacekeeping.”

Kira Alexandrova