Putin deftly caught a pencil and delighted Solovyov and his colleague

The hosts of Rossiya 1, Vladimir Solovyov and Pavel Zarubin, were delighted when Russian President Vladimir Putin caught a pencil during a video conference with government members. They drew attention to the dexterity of the head of state during the discussion in the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin “.

At first, Zarubin noted that Internet publications love to create news with flashy headlines about how the president threw down the pen. And then he showed his own exclusive – “real footage of how Putin caught a pencil that had flown off the table.”

After the end of the plot about the meeting with the ministers, the program showed a studio with Solovyov. “Well, I caught the pencil deftly. It should be noted that the reaction is excellent. It is evident that the president is in excellent sports form and martial arts are not going anywhere, ”the presenter emphasized.

Later, he also asked Zarubin if he had tried to repeat what the president had done with a pencil. “No,” his colleague replied. To this, Solovyov noted that “we need to do as much sports as possible.” “Although you are already in excellent shape,” he concluded about Zarubin.

In May 2020, many media outlets published the news about how Putin threw a pen on the table during a meeting. A video recording of the moment was posted on social networks by journalists from the Kremlin pool. After this incident, even insignificant moments at meetings with Putin’s participation began to be actively disseminated by Internet publications and TV channels. The situation was later drawn by the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov. He advised “not to bother” with the news about Putin’s pen at work meetings. A Kremlin spokesman noted that the president uses the stationery only to write.

Oleg Davydov