Photo of Soviet ice cream divided netizens into two camps

Twitter users argued over a photo on their Life in the USSR account, which depicts a Soviet girl with ice cream. Some users assured that they really liked the taste and quality of the Soviet ice cream, others believed that it was made from low-quality components, and the delicacy was no different.

On the picture of a girl in a white scarf shot on the May Day demonstration. In one hand she has a check box, in another – a seal in a waffle cup. “Soviet ice cream was produced according to GOST 117-41, which was considered one of the toughest in the world. He was introduced on March 12, 1941, “the description says. This image has divided network users into two camps.

“What wonderful nonsense,” user Mnegapesht wrote in the comments. However, niki_comru expressed the opposite opinion: “Yes, the ice cream was delicious.” The AllunchA user stated that the delicacy was tastier before: “It was the tastiest in GUM. Nowadays you can’t compare, not the same taste. “

“The 10th circle went with ice cream. There is nothing more to be proud of, while then there was no alternative, except perhaps water with sugar, ”said AlanKashipov. At the same time, xGoM4SifTSRuZTs assured that the Soviet ice cream recipe “was brought from the United States and perfected with real milk or cream.” Mycat222 concluded that there were indeed only natural ingredients at the time, and there was no palm oil. At the same time, some indicated that the GOST indicated not ice cream, but curd cream in the post.

Earlier, netizens suspected something was wrong in a post that was dedicated to the “brake” – the so-called breakfast of a Soviet miner. Some users remembered what it really was, but many doubted that this picture reflects the reality of the situation at that time.

Oleg Davydov