Peskov: Western statements about the threat from Russia are regrettable

The opinion of the heads of some Western states that Russia poses a threat causes concern and regret, said the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov. Earlier it became known about the intentions of Great Britain to increase its nuclear arsenal in connection with the growing threats from Russia and China.

“The tendency that many leaders of Western countries, to our regret, call our country an active threat, enemy, and so on, such a confrontational attitude can only cause regret and even concern,” said Mr Peskov at the press call.

Regarding the intentions directly to Great Britain, Dmitry Peskov urged to wait for an official statement from London. “This is too serious a substance to be judged by publications in the newspaper … We still prefer to wait for the announcement of this strategy, then start analyzing it,” he added.

The day before, on March 15, The Guardian newspaper, citing the Defense and Foreign Policy Review of the country, reported that the UK authorities are planning to increase the number of their nuclear warheads by more than 40%. As follows from the document, the decision of the authorities was caused by an “active threat” to the security of Great Britain from Russia and a “systemic challenge” from the PRC. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to officially unveil the new strategy today, March 16.

On the revision of the military strategy of Great Britain in the material – “Kommersant” “The Warhead Pain of London.”