New restrictive measures will be introduced in Moscow. What you need to know

For schoolchildren, Muscovites over 65 and people with chronic diseases, free travel on public transport will be suspended. Employers will be obliged to report on the transfer of employees to telecommuting. Concert tickets will only be sold online
The situation with the coronavirus is getting more difficult every day. The number of new patients in Russia is moving towards the peak values ​​of spring (as of October 6 – 11 615 detected). In this regard, today, October 6, additional measures are introduced to counteract the coronavirus infection. The Moscow authorities have opened reserve hospitals – in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center and the Krylatskoye Ice Palace.
We will tell you what restrictions are starting to operate today in the capital and what you need to know about it.
On Monday, October 5, schools began a two-week vacation. This measure was taken to prevent the spread of the virus and reduce the incidence. In addition to schools, they will suspend activities and institutions of additional education, as well as children’s leisure organizations subordinate to the Moscow government.
Going out into the street is not forbidden. However, children are advised to spend their vacation time at home or in the country and “not hang out in shopping centers”, and also not to ride aimlessly in public transport.
From October 9 until the end of the holidays, the reduced fare of schoolchildren in public transport is suspended. The transport application of the schoolchildren’s social card is temporarily blocked, and the money paid for travel will be transferred to a later date.
In addition, free travel on public transport for Muscovites over 65 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases who are required to stay at home has been suspended until October 28.
In the near future, the sale of tickets to theaters, concert halls, museums and other cultural and leisure institutions subordinate to the Moscow government will be transferred online. Regular cash desks will stop working.
Such a measure will allow you to control the maximum occupancy of the halls and compliance with the seating rules. This will make it possible to avoid violations of the sanitary regime and the forced suspension of the activities of cultural institutions.
From October 5, employers are required to transfer 30% of their employees to remote work mode. In addition, all enterprises and organizations of the city must inform the Moscow government about this on a weekly basis. Failure to provide or incomplete submission of information will result in a fine or suspension of activities.
Muscovites are strongly advised to use personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) in all public places, as well as maintain social distance. Outdoor walks and exercise are not limited. Older Muscovites are advised not to visit crowded places without special need, as well as to temporarily abandon personal contacts with relatives and friends who live separately. The city also continues to have restrictions related to the ban on holding mass events.
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