Mishustin called the condition for obtaining the second “Far Eastern hectare”

Last year, one of the entrepreneurs who took advantage of it asked to expand the “Far Eastern hectare” program. If the idea is implemented, those who have successfully mastered the first section will be able to get the second

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin supported the idea of ​​issuing a second land plot to those citizens who take part in the “Far Eastern hectare” program and have successfully mastered the first plot. He spoke about his position during a meeting on the development of the Far East.

The entrepreneur and farmer Mikhail Utrobin proposed to expand the program in August 2020. He said that he had successfully mastered the first hectare of land and was forced to purchase another ten hectares outside the program to scale up his business.

“That is, the state helped his business at the start to get on the path of development. This is exactly what we launched all the programs for. Such people, of course, need help, and his proposal for an additional hectare to successful entrepreneurs is very correct. We need to expand the capabilities of the program, ”Mishustin returned to this topic at the meeting today.

The prime minister noted that back in August last year he announced his support for this initiative and instructed to consider it. “I ask you to promptly execute [the order] and report to me,” the prime minister concluded.

The Far Eastern Hectare program was launched in 2016. In total, 11 regions of the Far Eastern Federal District are participating in the program. Within the framework of the program, one person can receive free of charge a plot of land in the Far East with an area of ​​no more than 1 hectare. First, the land is provided for five years for free use, during which time it is necessary to begin the development of the territory – otherwise the rights to it will be canceled. After five years of free use, the site can be acquired or a long-term lease for 49 years can be issued. In March 2019, the program became available to foreigners and stateless persons.