Mikhalkov refused to consider those who awarded the prize to Navalny as film critics

According to the director, the work of Alexei Navalny cannot be regarded as cinematography and evaluated at film festivals.

The chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, director Nikita Mikhalkov said that the works of Alexei Navalny have nothing to do with cinema, and the experts who wished to award him the White Elephant film cannot be called film critics. He stated this in an interview with the Sobesednik newspaper.

“You see, a film critic, he has to evaluate cinema. I am somehow embarrassed to consider myself a director, if the director is Navalny. He has nothing to do with cinema. And if you give a prize for politics, well, my dears, you say so. And when you want to give Navalny’s program a prize as a cinematic work, then you are not a damn film critic, that’s all, ”he said.

About the conflict between the expert council and founders of the film “White Elephant” due to the proposal to give a special prize “Event of the Year” by the oppositionist Alexei Navalna became known on March 15. The Council stated that the Navalnye premium premium for the series of “innovative investigative documentary films”.

Most of the members of the White Elephant Prize Expert Council spoke out in favor of awarding the special award to Navalny. The council includes film critics and film journalists, including those who are not members of the organization, including Viktor Matizen, Anton Dolin, Yuri Gladilshchikov, Andrey Plakhov and other film critics.

The Guild of Cinema Experts and Film Critics, which founded the award, and is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, decided to withdraw from the founders. Guild President Kirill Razlogov said that “the guild leadership confirms the absolute independence of the White Elephant Prize and relieves the guild of the responsibilities of the founder and organizer of this Prize, which will avoid further fruitless discussions and conflicts.”