Kirkorov revealed the details of his funeral

Singer Philip Kirkorov on the air of the program “You Won’t Believe!” on the NTV channel revealed the details of his funeral. His words are quoted by URA.RU.

The artist said he wants to be buried in a coffin with rhinestones. “Straziki, they will probably go into the coffin with me. I will have a coffin made of rhinestones, ”said Kirkorov.

Paying such a coffin agreed to friend and colleague Kirkorov – Nikolay Baskov. “I told me to pay. Of course, I am ready to pay Philip with pleasure, “said the singer. Later he noted that this is just a joke.

Earlier, Kirkorov showed a photo with a completely gray head on social networks and surprised his fans. The 53-year-old artist was captured in close-up in a black hoodie embroidered with crystals. The photo shows that he has grown gray hair, one of the front strands remained dark. “New me! (“New me”) Gray in the beard, the devil in … What are your options? ” – Kirkorov turned to subscribers in the post description. Fans appreciated the musician’s appearance in the comments below the publication, stating that he did not age at all.

Leah Mikhailova