Kirkorov learned about who named his daughter Simba Nyusha and refused to believe it

People’s Artist of Russia Philip Kirkorov found out on the air of the “Mask” program on the NTV channel that the singer Anna Shurochkina, acting under the pseudonym Nyusha, had named her daughter Simba, and refused to believe it.

During the program, TV presenter Regina Todorenko, who is a member of the jury, asked a participant in a suit. “So your daughter’s name is Simba,” she mused in an attempt to guess the identity of the blogger contestant. “How?” – Kirkorov entered the conversation. Todorenko answered him that this performer had a “specific approach” to names. “Seriously? The child was named Simba? ” – the singer was surprised. Other jury members confirmed that this is the name of the child Nyusha.

After that, the artist asked if this was the full name. “Simba Igorevna”, – explained the comedian and singer Alexander Revva. Then Todorenko repeated the question to the participant, who answered this question evasively. “Shock” – concluded Kirkorov.

Previously, the singer became the object of ridicule due to the fact that she called her daughter Simba. In response to criticism, she said that “no one has such a combination.” “My husband and I love The Lion King, and it’s great that people will associate it with this cartoon. But this is not the main point. Daughter – Scorpio, this is a difficult sign. A strong personality needs a strong name, ”Nyusha explained.

Nyusha first became a mother in November 2018, for a year she hid her daughter’s face from the public and did not tell fans her name. The child’s father is Igor Sivov, General Adviser to the President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

Kira Alexandrova