In Great Britain predicted the outcome of a possible war with Russia

An artillery duel between tank units of Great Britain and Russia in the event of a military conflict is likely to end not in favor of the United Kingdom military, according to a report prepared by the Defense Committee of the House of Commons of the British Parliament. This was reported by TASS with reference to PA Media.

It is noted that the British military in the event of an armed conflict will be forced to use outdated armored vehicles. “Many of these machines are over 30 years old, have very low mechanical reliability, they are extremely inferior in firepower to modern artillery and missile systems and constantly do not receive sufficient air support,” the authors of the report say.

The document says that it will take at least four years to modernize or replace the equipment that is currently in service with the Kingdom’s Armed Forces. The committee believes that “bureaucratic delays, the inability of the command to make a decision” are to blame for this. At the same time, the Russian armed forces have been updated and acquired modern technical means, the authors of the report noted.

Earlier, Swedish experts from the Research Institute for Defense Research recognized that Russia would have superiority over NATO countries in the event of a large-scale war in the immediate vicinity of Sweden. “If there is not enough time for Western defense training, Russia will have a clear advantage in our immediate vicinity, especially on the ground,” said executive editor of the report, Christer Pallin, adding that such an advantage could last long enough.

Milana Mikailova