Germany announced the results of exit polls in regional elections

The Green Party wins the elections in the German state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Die Welt reports with reference to the exit poll results.

It is noted that 31% of voters cast their votes for the Greens, followed by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with 23%. The Social Democratic Party got 12%, “Alternative for Germany” – 11.5%.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, the leadership is retained by the Social Democrats (34.5%), followed by the CDU (26%), Alternative for Germany (10.5%) and the Greens (8.5%).

Recall that in 2021, the next elections to the Bundestag will be held in Germany. Acting Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU party) has announced that she will no longer run for the post of chancellor. As a rule, the leader of the winning party becomes the chancellor, then the government is formed.