Doctor Komarovsky named the main positive effect of coronavirus

Doctor and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky, in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Natalia Vlashchenko, named the main positive effect of the coronavirus. The video is available on YouTube.

“For me, there is one big plus from the COVID campaign. I got the opportunity to live like normal people, ”said Komarovsky.

The doctor explained that now he can go shopping like a spy: a medical mask helps him in this. Thanks to such protection, people do not recognize the TV presenter in public places, so they do not start “touching and grabbing” him.

Komarovsky had previously found it useful to wear a medical mask in the cold. According to him, this method of protection avoids vasospasm and circulatory disorders of the mucous membrane that occur when the nose freezes. At the same time, the doctor is sure that, for anti-epidemic reasons, a mask is not needed on the street: he called the requirement to wear it outdoors as discrediting medical science.

Ignat Bondarenko