Bundestag deputy called the condition for the West to recognize Crimea as Russian

The West will recognize Crimea as Russian as soon as the ruling political elite is replaced, Bundestag deputy from the Alternative for Germany party Waldemar Gerdt told RIA Novosti.

“As soon as the political elite in power is replaced in Western countries, I am sure that the issue of Crimea will be removed, and the will of the Crimeans will be recognized,” Gerdt said.

Speaking about the reasons for the refusal of states to recognize the new status of the peninsula, he noted that in this case the West would have to abandon plans to expand NATO to the east and admit the complete defeat of its military-political doctrine.

The deputy called the opinions about the “annexed and occupied” Crimea “pure kind of political speculation.” In his opinion, the referendum, following which Crimea became part of Russia, was held in accordance with international law and was “quite legitimate.”

At the end of February, a German deputy compared the water blockade of Crimea by Ukraine with “medieval siege methods.” According to him, this is an “anti-human approach” when Kiev says: “this is our Crimea, these are our people, we love them so much and want to return them back,” but at the same time decides to cut off the water supply to the region.

The Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol became part of Russia on March 18, 2014 as a result of a referendum. However, Ukraine and Western countries did not recognize the results of the vote. In mid-March, the EU extended for six months, until September 15, sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian individuals and organizations for “undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.”