American companies plan to reduce office space

More than half of US companies plan to cut their office space as telecommuting will become a common option even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is reported by Bloomberg, citing a study by Cisco Systems. She interviewed 1,569 business leaders, company employees responsible for organizing work, as well as intellectual workers.
53% of companies surveyed intend to reduce office space, and about 75% of companies will introduce more flexible working hours. 90% of employees surveyed said they did not plan to return to full-time office work. 12% plan to work from home all the time, 24% plan to work remotely on average more than 15 days a month, and 22% plan to work remotely for 8-15 days a month. Thus, the results of the study, according to the authors, indicate that companies consider teleworking from home as a “new reality” even after the pandemic.