Aksenov decided the fate of the Crimean Minister of Culture, who cursed at the meeting

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov decided the fate of the Minister of Culture of the Arina Novoselskaya Peninsula, which was revealed during the meeting. She will remain in his post, RIA Novosti reports.

“No, in this regard, dismissing is definitely not. Well now, what if tomorrow he said something on the phone or in the corridor? This is not anti-state, as if no one’s personal dignity was offended, ”Aksenov said.

He noted that he himself periodically switches to swearing, while he believes that an official should not use a mat. “It’s bad that the Minister of Culture knows such words,” the head of the republic added.

On March 13, during the Government video broadcasting, Novoselskaya interrupted Sergey Aksenov’s speech by the phrase “** Your mother.” The minister explained that during an important meeting, she began problems with a computer and disappeared the sound, because of what she was cut off. Later, the minister apologized for his behavior, clarifying that he was experiencing because of what had happened. Aksenov read the subordinate and instructed to conduct an official check.

Veronica Lisitsyn